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Mukta Narang
Holistic Health Coach
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    Have you ever had any of these anxiety issues as:


  1. I won't be able to follow a diet because I am so addicted to sweets or a junk food

  2. I won't be able  to follow a diet as I don't have a set sleep pattern

  3. How do I follow a diet if I can't control my meal portions

  4. If I follow a diet I will lose my physical well being and immunity. I will become weak

  5. If I follow a diet my nutrition won't be taken care of

  6. I do a lot of emotional eating how do I control it if I start with my diet?

Well, to specifically address these queries and to give you an overall solution to your well being and putting you on a path to following a healthy weight loss diet, we have a health coach to help you apart from our Eminent nutritionist to help you go on a diet with the ultimate ease.

So now your counselling sessions will include our amazing diet plans with an additional health coaching session to help you address any anxiety which creates a hindrance for you in following the diet plans.

This ensures physical, mental and emotional well-being for you in a overall manner. With every weight loss package that you enroll we provide you a complimentary Health coach session to address your issues. You may even enrol seperately for additional seperate sessions with our health coach if you need help with any other anxiety and health issues around your diet or lifestyle. 

Let us introduce you to our  fabulous holistic health coach and what all she has to offer.

Mukta Narang, is a holistic health coach, who uses an integrative approach to both diet and lifestyle changes to improve the overall health of the clients. Mukta feels health is not just about avoiding disease or illness. It is about physical, mental and social well-being of an individual, so that you are enabled to enjoy all aspects of life. This is where a supportive coach can help you. Diet plays an important role in achieving a healthy lifestyle but it is not the only thing, if it was that simple then everyone today would have been in that healthy category and happy with their bodies. Every individual is different and is affected by different environmental factors. Thus a different focus point for every individual is needed besides the food they eat. It could be Nutrition, Sleep, Movement, Stress, and Energy.  

Mukta is a qualified and certified Weight Loss Academy Coach and a Certified Yoga Trainer to help you with various aspects like:

•    Eating Right techniques
•    Right Movement Techniques
•    Emotional Eating
•    Mindful Eating
•    Stress Eating
•    Achieving a healthy identity
•    Relaxation techniques for mind and body 
•    Getting over your food addictions

Based on the individual requirement a customized plan can be suggested. You will be walked all the way till you develop those healthy lifestyle habits to reach your ideal weight and body.
For any consultation, please contact at:

Whatsapp: +31653872133
Instagram: @journeytomindfullife

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