Winner of the award of most popular weight loss consultant for the year 2015 Simran has a wonderful experience of 5 years and expertise in the field of weight loss and nutrition counselling.

Thank you for selecting Simran's Perfect Slim Solutions : Winner of the most popular weight loss consultant award Simran Saini is here to help you acheive your fitness and weight goal.. This website is meant to share the experiences of our existing patients with you and makes sure that you are the next satisfied patient to be on our website.

A word from Simrann Sainni

I completed my education in Dietary Counselling from the Institute of Health Sciences at Ireland and later pursued nutrition counselling as a full fletched career. At our weight loss centers we not only help you lose weight, my moto is to help you heal yourself, rectify your lifestyle and see a better and healthy you in the years to come. I am proud of all my patients who have rediscovered their new you through our programs, through our diabetes management, cardiac management and weight management programs.

Help is just a step away, I will guide you how to rethink your food choices, refuse, and reduce. 

This website ensures that you feel satisfied when you join our program and we assure to provide you the best services possible.

Call us at 9811613182 for appointments.

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